Cholf Moody and Kithkin the Dragon

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Cholf Moody and Kithkin the Dragon
« on: April 02, 2017, 12:33:10 AM »

Name: Cholf Moody
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Character Type: Dragon Rider (Warrior)
Alignment: Neutral
STR: 88
CON: 28
DEX: 78
SPD: 17
INT: 13
WIZ: 15
LK: 17
CHR: 25
Personal Adds: +65
GP: 0
SP: 0
CP: 0
Character Level: 7
AP: 48+96+
Kin: Dwarf
HT: 5'4
WT: 281 lbs
Weight Carried: 850/2500 wu

Animal handling- CHR +6
Dwarven Charms- CHR +2 (with Dwarven Ladies)
Dragon riding- DEX +5
Fletching- INT +4
Iron Liver- CON +3
Street smarts- INT +4

Dodge- LXSR equal to level of creature attacking to negate the damage.

Melee Weapon Bonus- +xd6/character level
Armor Bonus- gain a x2 bonus on all armor pieces for being a Warrior

•Unarmed Strikes- 1d6+65
•Iron Bo Staff- 11d6+66 (4+1); STR 12; DEX 10; 100 wu
•Rend (Gigantic Crossbow)- 15d6+65; STR 17/45; DEX 10; 450 wu
-3 crossbolts

Other Equipment
Hits: 32
•Full Plate Armor- 16; STR 10; DEX -3; 300 wu
•Languages: Common, Draconic, Dwarven

Name: Kithkin
MR 297
INT 64
WIZ 48
Combat Dice: Bite, claw, tail whip- 30d6+148
Special Attack: 11/Fire Breath -- 4d6 fire damage to everyone in front of the dragon unless the targets can make a L10SR vs DEX/LK.
Special Defense: 28 hits
Special Abilities: Cateyes- Kithkin can see in low-light conditions
Fly Me- Able to fly at will
Languages- Celestial, Common, Draconic, Elven, Halfling
Metamorph Me- At will Kithkin can assume shape Kithkin wishes too. His MR remains the same in the new form. E.g. if shape changed into a cat, Kithkin is a cat with the MR of 297.