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T&T FAQ and Answers
« on: April 02, 2017, 01:16:17 AM »

What is a Saving Roll?

What is LXSR?
Is an abbreviation for Level X (level of save roll) Save Roll. E.g. L1SR, L2SR, L3SR, etc.

L1SR- 20
L2SR- 25
L3SR- 30
L4SR- 35

Expanded information about St. Andre's Saving Roll system can be found on pg 99 of Tunnels and Trolls 7.5 Edition. My homebrew of the Saving Roll system can be found here.

Where do I find my Kindred Mod?

Vanilla kindred modifiers are listed on page 25 through 27. Custom kindred modifiers (for half-kindreds) can be made. You can re-tool preexisting kindred modifiers by adding two kindreds' modifiers together and divide by two. Do not round down or up. Take that number and multiply your original attribute scores by each of the kindred modifiers. That multiplied number will be your new attribute score. Talk with your GM to make sure your proposed custom kindred modifiers are balanced.

Reply Structure
Hot Pursuit is being used an example here.

When you are not making rolls for your character you are roleplaying as your character. You assume the role of your character and decide their actions and responses to a situation.

If presented with a SR challenge roll as normal.


Player post: Gruak the urookin (half-orc) barbarian is sleeping in his hut when he is awaken by the sound of panicked and fearful screams. As his hearing focuses he notices that someone or something is trying to break through his wooden door.

GM post: [continuation of story]. Now, Gruak needs to make two L2SRs on INT and SPD. His Target Number (TN) is 25.

Player post: I roll 3d6 and get 11 (with no doubles or triples). I adds 11 to Gruak's INT of 10 for 21. He has the Danger Sense of INT/LK +6. His total SR score is 27.

GM post: Gruak succeeds! He earns 27*2 (level of SR)= 54 Adventure Points (AP)! [Continuation of story and mentioning the result of Gruak's actions.]