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« on: November 28, 2010, 02:20:24 PM »

Disney's Tangled [2010] takes a new take on an old tale. With a twist of magic, Disney-romance, and some added plot twists, along with the creation of a tale within a tale, I absolutely loved Tangled~! :>

Based on the story of Rapunzel, it's a story of the kidnapping of a magical child, who dreams of leaving her tower to see the distant lights. Tricked by her "mother" she remains in the tower up until her 18th birthday, where she meets a wanted thief and gets him to escort her to the lights, creating a quite evident love interest.

If you really want to get the rest of the movie, you're gonna has to see it~! :D I loved it.

My rating: 9/10 :>




Rapunzel is a very sheltered and naiive character, hyper, playful, and excitable. She doesn't understand much outside of the tower she's always known and the lies her 'mother' fed her, but as she grows older she does as most young adults do; becomes rebellious. Upon her first opportunity she escapes the tower to fulfill her dreams. Her hair possesses magical qualities.

Flynn Ryder

Flynn is slightly conceited, but all in all a fun character, and one of my favorites (tied with Pascal). He is a wanted thief, with big dreams of living a life of wealth, later elaborated on where those dreams come from. He tried to be tricky, and constantly finds himself in trouble, but as his feelings for Rapunzel grow, we see great changes in his character.


Pascal is a color changing chameleon incapable of speech, yet still never fails to get his point across. He is Rapunzel's closest friend, as well as supporter. He acts as the confidante. He's a comedic character, and protective over Rapunzel.


Maximus is a very driven horse, with a strong goal towards getting Flynn Ryder arrested. He takes a quick liking to Rapunzel and compromises his own goal, in order to help Rapunzel see through to her dreams.

Mother Gothel

The manipulative character, and main protagonist of the tale, Mother Gothel uses a number of ways to keep Rapunzel around to do her bidding; though she takes on the characteristics of a caring mother, she has dark intentions through each action she takes.

Pub Thugs

The pub thugs first appear as a selfish group of brutes, out to get the reward for turning in Flynn, but after a quick liking to Rapunzel, admit to having their own dreams that they've always wish to see come true. They then become helpers throughout the entire movie.
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Re: Tangled
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2010, 12:46:47 PM »
sadly.. harry potter still had the weekend

Tangled was only 1 million short!