Zombie Guide for RPs

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Zombie Guide for RPs
« on: September 07, 2008, 12:01:16 AM »
This is just a bunch of statements that I use as facts when making Zombie RPs, you can use this as a basis for your RP, but can change anything to your liking, just credit me if you use copy this list, spend a while on it, Enjoy.

Fighting Zombies

-When fighting zombies always aim for the head unless the head is separated or incapacitated the zombie will stay alive.

-Keep your distance when fighting zombies, use a gun and its distance to your advantage.

-If you have to melee a zombie use something with a longer reach than the zombie's distance and hit the zombie after it attacks to catch it off guard

-If there is a group of zombies try to lure one away at a time, you'll have a better chance surviving instead of taking on the whole group.

Human-to-Zombie Transformation

-Once a human is bitten by a zombie and the virus enters the host's body he or she goes through stages in which the host becomes a zombie that usually spans up to 24 hours.

Hour 1: Host is normally wounded and may feel more and more tired as hours pass

Hour 7: Host feels nauseous and get flu type symptoms that include but not limited to vomiting, diarrhea and loss of appetite

Hour 12: Host starts to become pale and less active

Hour 14: Virus reaches host's mind and takes it over, causing circulatory and respiratory systems to fail, and host becomes incapacitated

Hour 21: Host reanimates due to virus reactivating what systems are left to survive in the host's body.

Hour 24: Host completely reanimates and is now under control of virus

Zombie Behavior

-Zombies do not work together and only becomes groups when multiple zombies are attracted to a certain place,

-Zombies have no regard for each other and will do anything to reach what they want

-Zombies use what strength the host body has had to get what it needs through barricades

-Zombies usually come out at night, which might force humans to fight them off and defend the barricade, although they also known to come out during the day

-Zombies can not usually use guns, but there have been reports of zombies using guns through sentience and/or host's memory

-Zombies are usually very stupid and can fall into traps easily if lured the right way

-Zombies DO NOT hunt meat, they are only driven by the virus's purpose to spread and infect new hosts.

Surviving in the New World

-In the initial stage of a zombie attack, the best place to go is your house, you have a decent supply of food and know the place inside out

-IMMEDIATELY start gathering food, weapons and building a barricade

-As the world spirals further and further into the zombie infestation, keep doing the first 3 actions stated above and start searching for other survivors to help aid you, especially police officers and army personnel

-Be careful though, more people mean more mouths to feed

-Further on, find ways of transportation such as cars, motorcycles, or if your lucky, tanks.

-In addition, find a generator if possible, and gasoline to provide energy and gas to further your needs, as by now electric and gas companies will be shut down

-Find radios or ways to contact each other or send out messages to people who may have found radios and find a way to help your group and another survivor group if found, share resources, gas, electricity, weapons, man power, etc.

-If you ever run into military forces ask if there is a "safe area" that what is left of the government set up somewhere, if they are lost, invite them to stay with you, trained professionals will help incredibly

That's it for now, Hope you like it.
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