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Funny Raps
« on: January 22, 2009, 10:19:22 PM »
Post any funny raps you can think of. It can be anything! *Note: please avoid from making shots at rap/hip hop itself, please* *this is meant to be fun, even if you hate rap, just try it out*

rap term: bar
term in hip hop used for a line break
i don't make money/
but i do like honey/

also, need help finishing a random rhyme? click here for help.

Here's mine:
if ur gonna mess me me realize it's not free/
i alway take my battles to another degree/
i'll blow u away with my heated crystal coprilite gun i'll laugh as u run/
i am omega and i do this shit for fun/


they once called me the shitmaster/
b/c when it comes to seeing the future of poop, i'm a forecaster/
i remember i used to run with the baddest shitmasters alive/
then i killed one, by taking a dive/
a dive through his soul/
and the reward was that now i'm a shitmaster immortal/

i luv me some shin chan/
but then again/
i do luv me some boondocks/
i heard a noise at my front door, "who knocks?"/
"it is i, the grim reaper, i've come to reap ur immortal shitty soul"/
"but have u seen the hole inside my soul?"/
he looks at little confused/
almost as if i just made him bemused/
i then deliever a powerful uppercut to his fracking jaw/
splitting it like my fist is a saw/
and i saw him fly away/
his corpse landed in a bay/
i stand happily smiling as his corpse sinks/
i head back to my subterranean bunker with my SE techs and chill with some ice cold drinks/

8D still fricking bad.
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