Planet Xeon

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Planet Xeon
« on: January 31, 2009, 04:34:56 PM »
The Story so Far...

After the planet Earth (currently named Xeon) was invaded by the Truebloods, a foreign race of humanoid lizards from the planet X-Con. X-Con, the homeplanet of the Truebloods, is half alive and half dead. The dead side is home to the mutated Truebloods (nicknamed the Badbloods) and the alive side of the planet is home to the Truebloods. The Truebloods have put a wall across their side of the planet to keep the 'savage beasts' out. 50 inches thick and 10 stories tall, it gets the job done. The Badbloods have recently been trying to force their way into the Truebloods' cities and takeover. This has forced the Truebloods to branch out from their planet and invade a new planet, that meets their needs... this planet is Earth. Astronomic Scientists detected something enter earth's atmosphere, around 2012, it was the Truebloods' Mothership. The Truebloods planned to take the planet by force and did just that. The human beings held out for 10 days, until they fell under the power of the Truebloods, now rulers of planet Earth. A year under enslavement, the Earth was renamed to Xeon and it's continents where pulled back together with the help of the Geo-grapher. During the years of 2013-2025 (present time on Xeon), a human resistance force known has R-Alpha (Resistance Alpha) began rebelling against their lizard overlords. R-Alpha was able to take over 15 Trueblood strongholds, giving them better technology to fight against the Truebloods. War against the two humanoid races have sprung up again and R-Alpha just needs a certain 'push' to help their forces take back their planet from the lizard scum...

Character Information

Your character can have any background; ex-memeber of R-Alpha or the Truebloods. You could even be a Badblood that tracked the Truebloods to planet Earth and you desire to kill them all, whatever. Your required starting weapon is either a crowbar, steel pipe or wrench.

R-Alpha Information

They can offer helpful information, give jobs (various rewards) or even asks for help. If you attacked one, the rest will attack. R-Alpha has various weapons like: pistols, machine guns, shotguns and even rocket launchers. Also ships and vehicles like: hovercrafts, armed motorboats or helicopters. Some strongholds can give you a few medpacks, ammo or provide some sort of transportation of needed. They also have a couple of safe houses.

Regular People

For the ones that are enslaved, where blue jumpsuits and work in factories making supplies for the Truebloods; both male and female. No children are allowed to live. They are paid wages that they use to buy supplies and pay for some luxuries. They live in various apartments across the cities on Xeon. *also they're push overs*

*also this game has some elements from the Xbox video games, Half-Life 2 and Brute Force... and maybe Halo 2. :P*
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Re: Planet Xeon
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2009, 02:40:08 AM »
Name: Zeratul Reigner
background: was ex R-alpha and was a mechanic and prefers to eviscerate his enemies the old fasioned way........with a wrench.

Zeratul gets up and grabs his wrench.
"ima get these wonderful persones....fo sho"
as zeratul stands on the mountain he waddles away victorious over the puny dead baddies and then begins to weep for his dead wife who he murdered on a suny day in siberia with his mighty wrench of anti-zombie.