Remember when...?

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Re: Remember when...?
« Reply #20 on: April 07, 2009, 08:10:20 PM »
Does anyone remember the days when they played their first game or first fell in love with anime?
I do. My very first game was mario world, followed by donkey kong and kirby's dreamland 3. First anime ever was sailor moon. (i still know the theme song, and i haven't watched that show in at least ten years) Ah, good times. good times.  [neko08]

Where have all the good times gone?

YOU KNOW funny but my first anime Kinjo showed me was Sailor Moon too and when i saw the Movie for the first time i Wanted to see all the episodes and NOW i own all 200 Episodes and the 3 movies... Yep im crazy welcome to the club :D i also own lots of other animes by the directors and artists of sailor Moon.. you could say im a Sailor Moon aholic..