R.O.S.E. Academy(NOW OPEN!!!)

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R.O.S.E. Academy(NOW OPEN!!!)
« on: July 15, 2009, 07:23:23 PM »
<~~~{R.O.S.E. Academy}~~~>
Taskforce 629


There is a story, spoken for ages before it was written.  It starts with a group of young men and women, born in the city of adepts, Everclear. The beginning is a tale of happiness and success but as time will tell, a war between a nation the likes of which Everclear has never seen ensues.  A war that threatens the very existence of the world in which they all live.  629, a R.O.S.E. Academy Taskforce is created with the hopes of ensuring the safety of Everclear's future.

:>R.O.S.E. Academy<:

R.O.S.E. Academy is quite simply the school in which the majority of the people of Everclear and the rest of the world attend.  It is known for its excellence in the Arcane as well as its Combat training, and regualr schooling.


The STAINED are a nation of war mongering fiends.  Strangely, on the outside, The STAINED are but mere reflections of regular beings .  Though they exist as the same races and species as those found in Everclear their souls are blackened, stained by greed for power and resources.  Their invasion and act of war upon the city of Everclear is one of many they have waged against the peoples of the natural world.

Ragnarok, leader of The STAINED, is most powerful among the blackened souls.  He has and remains to be the only pure black soul of his kind.  Along with the invading army, he retains control of troop of General labeled SIN.  SIN consists of seven members, each containing a name from one of the seven deadly sins, Wrath, Lust, Gluttony, Envy, Pride, Greed, and Sloth.


Taskforce 629, created by the Supreme Lords of The Academy, is a specialty unit comprised of individuals with various skills.  Taskforce 629 was designed specifically to fight the ongoing threat of war against THE STAINED.  Because of the complexity and delicacy of the situation, Taskforce 629 is built of many diverse races and personalities.  All countries of the world realize that once Everclear is lost it will not be long before they are attacked next.

((Members of the Taskforce are all students of R.O.S.E. Academy when the story begins.  The invasion of Everclear does not begin until after graduation, approximately one week after the story begins.  Please also note: I would like to have all the people joining this RP to hold off if they only want to join THE STAINED as I would like to complete Taskforce 629 before adding members to Ragnarok's army or SIN.))

In Addition,
any of the below weapons can be used, (I just want to be able to know what it is your character uses) along with any of the races below:

Angel          Amphibious          Archaic          Celestial          Cephalid          Cetacean

Demon          Dragon          Dwarf          Elemental          Elf          Fallen Angel

Fairy          Fiend          Foxi          Giant*          Gnome          Goliath

Goblin          Half Race (see below rules for creation)          Horror          Human          Imp

Knoll          Lich          Lionel          Lizardess          Merperson (though I'd advise against having the tail instead of legs)

Monarch          Mechanized          Mystic          Nightmare          Ogre*

Orc          Orcan          Ratash          Serpent          Shadowed

Shape Shifter          Spector          Tigra          Turtisile          Undead

Vampiric          Vulcanere          Wildheart          Werewolf         Zombie

Weapon Set

Axe (Hand)
Axe (Pick)
Axe(s)    (Throwing)
Gunblade (Hand)
Hammer (Pick)
Kali Stick(s)
Katana (Long)
Knife(s) (Throwing)
Knife (Small)
Lance (Hand)
Morning Star
Saw Blade(s)
Sword (Short)
Sword (Long)

2-Handed Weapons

Axe (Great)
Axe (Toothed)
Axe (Giant)
Hammer (Great)
Lance (Small)
Lance (Long)
Scepter (Giant)
Spear (Throwing)
Spear (Long)
Spear Claw
Staff (Quarter)
Staff (War)
Staff (Bulb)
Sword (Bastard)


Punching Claw
Whip Sword
Double Sword
Double Mace
Double Flail
Double Hammer
Double Scythe
Chain Blades
War Scythe
Spike Bolas

Ranged Weapons

Short Bow
Long Bow
Hand Crossbow

Plus, each character must have a class, (I'd put my list of classes in, but only on request seeing as how it will probably overload the net-page) just note that if I don't know what it is that your character specializes in, I cannot really plan their part in the story, since Taskforce 629 must have a unique team of individuals.

((Some of them are in the wrong spots but you get the picture anyways, sorry if this is completely over the top but like I said, I just want to know what your talking about.  If there's something specific you would really like your character to have or you have a question, talk to me in RP discussion and I will do my best to meet your needs.))
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Re: R.O.S.E. Academy
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   It was morning when he awoke.  The red sun's light could be seen coming in through the window.  He looked over at his book bag and school uniform hanging on the back of the door to his room.  He hated the senior uniform.  It was bright red and white with a star and stripes along the arms and legs and, it was a one piece.  It was like the school tried to make seniors the easiest to pick off in a crowd of students.  Only one more week before graduation, he thought.  Then he could move up to the R.O.S.E. Academy's college level in the second building.  I can wear whatever I want then.

   He slid off the bed and got dressed, his parents always made breakfast in the morning before he went to school.  Leaving his bedroom behind as he shut the door he began to imagine graduation day.  He would proudly walk up to accept his diploma with honors, shake the dean's hand and finally be free to do his own thing.  As he came down the stairs to the kitchen he caught whiff of the bacon and eggs sitting at the table.

   “Hey mom?” he said as he was coming down the last few steps.  When there was no answer, Alaster realized that perhaps his parents had both gone to work already.  When he finally got to the kitchen he sat down at the table and began eating the breakfast that had been laid out before him.  Several minutes later he grabbed his bag and headed out the door.

   Today was testing...


   As he toted his bag around the halls of R.O.S.E. Academy, he realized he only had two classes today, Combat Training and Arcana.  He was heading for his first class, Combat Training, now.  He liked having it first, it sort of woke him up in the morning, and after that he could head over to lunch.

   “Hey Alaster!” someone familiar yelled from behind.  Alaster turned around as he was walking forward.  It was Sonja.  Sonja and Alaster grew up together and had been friends since they were very little.

   “Hey Sonja, what's up,” Alaster responded, as she came to a stop at his right.  They both began to walk forward towards Combat Training.

   “Nothing much, so are you excited for graduation?” she asked, just as they turned a corner.

   “Yeah, real excited,” Alaster answered monotonously.  Sonja came him a friendly stern look.

   “Oh come on!  It's not that bad here,” Sonja said laughably.

   An end to the conversation became non-existent as they entered the door to Combat Training.  The rest of the day seemed to fly by quick, with the exception of some of the touch screen computer testing.  After lunch, Alaster headed to Arcana by himself, Sonja took Preparatory Martial Arts during second period.  When Arcana was finished Alaster left school for home, to once again begin preparing for tomorrow's work and testing.

((Your first post should really be about introducing your character and their personality, as well as any other important things we should know about them, nothing really happens until graduation day which after everyone's first post, I will simulate to.  That's where the story really begins.))
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