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Face of Mankind
« on: January 31, 2010, 09:12:38 PM »

Face of Mankind is a completely player dependent Multiplay Role Playing game. It is free, and gives you the choice of buying premium account for 10 US dollars a month, even though it isn't that different than free. FoM is very dependent on role play and basically requires it when you play. Now, you must be thinking, "Oh, its player run, everything must be crap." But wait! Unlike other games, the players in FoM are very serious about what they do. Only a handful of people go around and kill randomly, this is the internet after all. Do not fret though! As you are playing in the future, you get a set number of clones, the maximum of 10 for free accounts and up to 200 for premium; you can rebuy clones at anytime.

In FoM, there are different factions you can play as, all with their own advantages and disadvantages, such as mining factions, to the police and military. These factions are all led by players and have their own hierarchy in themselves, which you can learn about if you join a faction.

Like in real life, there are also laws and a government system in which you can choose to follow (or not follow) in your own desire, but this may get you arrested or killed by the Law Enforcement Department and Federal Defense Corps. In addition, there is a senate which is also run by players and make decisions that apply to the game, but is also checked and balanced by the people. In game moderators do little to nothing in the game other than make sure there are no hackers or to provide technical help inside the game. The only position a GM holds is President, and that is to make sure the Senate does not go crazy with their decisions.

All in all, Face of Mankind is a niche game and has a somewhat large learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, I think it is loads of fun.
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