King of the Zombies

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King of the Zombies
« on: November 01, 2008, 10:47:23 AM »
King of the Zombies

Year: 1941
Length: 61min

Joan Woodbury
flower power Purcell
Mantan Moreland
Henry Victor

Jean Yarbrough
This movie is not bad, but for its time possibly a hit. Few years after the first ever zombie movie (White Zombie). Hollywood must of needed more zombie films. The movie starts out in a plane, a pilot, secret agent and servant, lost and running out of fuel. They receive a signal in another language and then attempt to land. But in the process they crash on a zombie infected island.

They awake from the crash and see that they arrived in a graveyard. They walk about 30 steps and reach a house. They get a warm welcome from the owner of the home, who is a so called Doctor. Then they are shown to there room. The host suggests the servant sleep in the servant quarters. Then the servant is frightened by ZOMBIES!!! Runs to tell his masters, and of course they don't believe him. Then so on the movie gets into the two white guys not believing him.

Being that this movie was made in 1941, you see the token black guy who is a driver(servant) for one of the men. The music they chose for the movie was terrible, which reminds me of Looney Toons cartoons. The token black guy was the only good part of the movie, he had many funny moments.

There is voodoo, zombies, hypnotism and more on this film. The acting each character was done well for 1941 film making. No scary parts, the only reason I could see anyone would want to watch this, is if they are zombie fanatics (such as I).

Reviewed: Monday, June 13, 2005


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