A Shot at Redemption

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A Shot at Redemption
« on: December 05, 2010, 12:33:01 AM »
Maria stared at the passing time. As the second hand slowly made its way around the clock. The taps and clinkering of the students waiting for the bell to ring was defiant in her ear. She had her work completed ahead of schedule, ready to leave the brick walls that contained her in the cell. Her long blonde hair waved down her shoulders, the dark brown under tones clear. The blue eyes stayed on the clock as she waited for it to ring. As the sound of relief went through the air, she stood, and quickly exited the room. She made her way from the school, and quickly outside. She put her hand up, her pale skin glistening in the bright light. She stood for a minute, waiting as her eyes adjusted from the dark room where they watched a simple movie over the French Revolution, something all seniors had to learn, to the busy outside world. Cars hissed down the streets, leaving nothing but a blur in its place. She pulled up the black string from her tank top, and headed down the streets.
She soon turned into a small gas station that stood across a bar. She rushed to the back, grabbing her work clothes and heading to the restroom. She carefully made sure that the door was securely locked before she begun to change into her the clothes she would were for the next nine hours. As she exited the room, and began to stuff her stuff into the assigned locker, she slipped a bottle of maise into her pocket, allowing for a small sense of comport as she now stood behind the counter. The day went by and the sky soon turned pink as the sun set for its final hours. The sky now a dark blue, small barely noticeable lights sparkled, the moon the only natural light. As her shift came to an end, she noticed the flickering light that was one of the only supplies of light at that end. She sighed deeply as she went to change back into her tank top and jeans. She carefully closed the doors, her eyes watching all around her. She made her way home, where her little sister would be sleeping, and the sitter would be waiting up for her.

She walked quicker than normal, the loud yells from the bar showing what little control the people it contained had. As she made her way down the darkened street, she noticed a different noise. She looked down an alley, which she had never noticed or paid mind to before. At the end was a rundown building that she had thought to be abandoned.

(Okay need a troubled male, around the same age(17-19). He had a past, and is still involved with something illegal. He falls for her, and she refuses to fall for him. Ect. Thats the main ideal. PM me if you have questions. Feel free to join.  Also need second male, it would be her ex from when she ran with a bad crowd. Would come in later)

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Re: A Shot at Redemption
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2010, 09:10:56 PM »
("he had a past" what kind of past? a bad one involving what? or a good one involving what?)
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