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« on: February 03, 2011, 11:46:52 PM »

If you ever travel alone or in a group down a certain road....which changes all the time. And if you are under the influence of drugs or driven be sex, you might find your self in Nymphetamine. What is that one may ask, it is a city. A black and white Neo-noir city. (like sin city) with only splashes of other colours. Once there one can never leave, it is a trap. Everyone there is a slave to sex and drugs and their willpower is virtually destroyed. A city full of prostitutes and fiends, there is no law or order. There are various bars that use drugs or prostitutes as the currency. Death cannot happen via overdose, which is why the addicts will never want to leave.

However there is a chance the innocent can be trapped there. Nymphetamine is not only a city but a living idea, sometimes sucking in the relatives of druggies and trying to turn them into just that. However those that have not yet been tainted do seek a way out. Once inside one cannot simply drive out as the city has to end. The way out, if there is one, is not known. Some say Nymphetamine is the perfect trap with no weaknesses. killing is a often occurrence and no one cares. Kill or be killed, that is their only sense of law. Most residents revel in their new world and try to prevent any idea of escape for they are Nymphetamine's agents. but for some there is no option but to get out, in their minds escape is the only way. They go crazy cause they cant find an escape, that or Nymphetamine takes them as one of its own....

You can choose to be a resident or one trying to find an escape. If you choose resident know you have no ability to say no to sex or drugs and you must have an intake of one or the other ever so often. Also since your a drug user you do see things that are not there. Unless you create a chara that has completely accepted Nymphetamine, in that case Nymphetamine will bend its rules so what you see is real. As a resident you go about your life there and when you see an innocent you are impulsed to trap them.

As an innocent you are always on the run trying to get out. Now the trick is, the longer you stay in Nymphetamine the more you come to like it. As it will show you everything you desire, promising it can offer it to you. escape IS possible but never been accomplished. The only way to beat Nymphetamine is to find the broken down church. once there if you are still innocent, you are freed and wake up in your bed at home. Problem is, no one knows where the church is. Nymphetamine hides it from view.

I would rather us all be innocents being first thrown into Nymphetamine. So that way we would all start out the same trying to find a way out. And along the way we can stand and escape or fall to Nymphetamine. its all up to the decisions we make inside.

Without a little bit of envy nothing can be accomplished.

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