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« on: February 19, 2011, 07:20:25 AM »
It's not your fault. Blame genetics-all the scientists do, so why not you? You never asked for this, you were born with it. Maybe you should blame your parents-afterall, they did create this unfortunate combination of genes. Or you can blame yourself. That's what the scientists are doing right now.
They poke you and prod you, stick you with needles and take blood samples. They want to find out what sort of mutations had to occur. They want to find out your dirty little secret; granted, it's not much of a secret anymore. The scientists are eager for information. Data on how you got your little gift. You see, you aren't normal, if you haven't guessed already. In fact, what you are is quite miraculous.
You have a power. An amazing power, but it is all dependent on multiple factors. Your background, your gender, your mindset, your location... The power lays dormant until your eighth birthday, then all those factors combine to form your gift. Your gift decides certain traits, like your appearance, personality, likes and dislikes. After a child's eighth birthday they are named in order to provide opptimal accuracy.
Of course, as you develop, it develops as well. As you grow older you might find that your hair is an unnatural shade of blue. Or maybe at a young age you were obsessed with nature. Things like that are controlled by your power.
There is a small little town, no importance really, named Marlboro, in Massachusetts. There is an asylum there, a hospital for the mentally sick. Or for those like you; where the doctors will drug you up and test you. You have a label, a power, and a will of your own.
So what is your power? What will you do?

|~•~•~•~•|-Table Of Contents-|•~•~•~•~•|

{Powers that will NOT be accepted}
{Accepted Powers}
{Banned List}
{Profile skeleton}
1. All profiles are to be messaged to me. For skeleton, go to the Profiles Post.
2. No godmoding or cybering. Nobody wants to read that crap so just don't.
3. no bullying out of character, its immature and stupid
4. Please don't swear a lot... Once per two pages is fine, but don't abuse this privilege
5. No killing unless you have permission from the person and give proof to me that he/she has agreed to it.
6. I made this thread. I. AM. GOD. This doesn't mean that I can godmod, 'cuz, no, I can't. I will be as fair as everyone else.
7. Please try to post at least twice a week. If you can't for some reason tell me or I'll Ban you.
8. You get three strikes.
9. For the sake of everyone's sanity, speak coherently!
10. Please keep an eye on this: I can and WILL change the rules here, if the need arises.
|~•~•~•~•|-Unacceptable Powers|•~•~•~•~•|
The control of space and time on a level more than just super human
The power of mind control
The power of telepathically messing with other's memories or actions
The power of death
The power of life
{I will add more later if I see more powers too strong}
|~•~•~•~•|-Acceptable Powers|•~•~•~•~•|
Foretelling the future
Minor teleportation
MINOR time control
Talking to animals
Shape Shifting
{I will add more as the need arises; those that are bolded mean that there is a character with said power, just to keep track}
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Re: Truth
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2011, 06:44:46 PM »
Oooo! Really good concept! I love this :) Very organized thoughts too! :) Do you have a topic to keep bios in the character biography child board?
You can store them there for the purpose of record keeping.I don't really have any questions, so I'll start working on a bio. :3
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Re: Truth
« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2011, 08:06:01 PM »
Post your profiles here: http://www.4m4life.com/Forum/index.php?topic=4187.0
Keep in mind that I may request some changes on your part, but they will be optional.
Character Skeleton:
Code: [Select]
I'm made of wires and poles:: •Username•
[move]:|First Name: :|Middle|: :|Last|:[/move]
You can call me:: |Nickname|
Aren't I pretty?:: |Anime, description, or realistic is fine|
People say that I'm::|Personality|
The doctors don't know that I'm::|Ethnenticity|
I was born:: |Age in numbers| years ago.
Want to know what I can do?:: |Powers, no more than three|
The doctors are so misguided::|Why are you here?*|
My therapist asked me how I got so screwed up:: |Biography|
My troubles started:: |Birthday|
I hail from:: |Place of Birth|
Have you stolen away my family as well?:: |Do you have any relations here |
The sweet paradox of insanity:: |Are you insane, or did they make a mistake?|
Code: [Select]
I'm made of wires and poles:: •Username•
[move]:|First Name: :|Middle|: :|Last|:[/move]
You can call me:: |Nickname|
Aren't I pretty?:: |Anime, description, or realistic is fine|
People say that I'm::|Personality|
The patients don't know that I'm::|Race|
I was born:: |Age in numbers| years ago.
You want to know how I came to work here? It's a long story::|Why are you here?*|
I'm a therapist and even I can't understand it:: |Biography|
My troubles started:: |Birthday|
I hail from:: |Place of Birth|
I believe that my family works here:: |Do you have any relations here |
The wondrous sounds of the insane fill the corridors:: |Why are you here?|
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Re: Truth
« Reply #3 on: March 08, 2011, 09:34:21 PM »
Doctor Fray dozed lightly, his head laying on his desk, as well as a couple stray pencils. A nurse tip-toed stealthily into the room, carrying her drink. She walked up to him, giggled, and dumped her iced coffee on his head.
Jerking up with a string of sleep talk, he threw his arms out to fight off who ever had done it.
"Eight oh clock, doc. Tick tock tick tock. There are freaks to mess with." She snickered.
The sleep had disappeared from his eyes, and Dr. Fray grinned. The glint of the insane sparkled prominently in his eyes before he donned his lab coat, covering his scrubs. "Ninalia, I wonder who's first?"
Almost for emphasis, he rubbed his hands together. Even though he had no clue on who to torture- er test- he knew it would be fun. It always was.
Denver sighed, wanting to scratch his arm, scratch the needles out, but the strappings bound him to the crisp hospital bed. His bright red hair fell messily into his tired eyes, much to his displeasure. He sighed again, wincing when the leather gag rubbed against his already raw mouth. A faint beep lent him a few precious seconds before the shock collar shot waves of electricity through his body. It was right on time. Tingling numbness wrapped around his throat, spreading throughout his entire body. His muscles locked up, his eyes widening.
"Nurg-" A strangled scream climbed its way up his bound body, choking out all other sounds. A soft click, and the intensity strengthened, letting loose another howl of misery.
[Ninalia Sarah is a random character. Just a heads up. Maybe I'll flesh her out, maybe not. Until then, she is open for all. Just remember that she has brown hair, green eyes, and a severe weakness for chocolate covered raisins.]
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