Tunnels and Trolls: Campaigning with the 4Mers

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Tunnels and Trolls: Campaigning with the 4Mers
« on: March 06, 2011, 01:43:08 PM »
Now, I've actually been wanting to run this idea since the moment I got  a hold of this game. T&T is a fun, easy, customized (version of D&D) P&P game and especially silly. Not to mention the fact that it's perfect for Play-by-Post gaming!

  • Game Creator: Ken St.Andre
  • General Setting: Middle Earth (though I shoot for Brazil, I mean I have a JUNGLE Troll after all. The Brazilian rainforest will work just fine.)
  • 5.5e The Abridged Rulebook: Click me! (If this guide isn't clear enough on certain parts, let me know please)
  • Possible Character Sheet: Click me!
  • SRD?: They don't have one at the moment. To see some of the files click here! (sorry for the small text of the images and blurriness on some, that's the way the copied and pasted). :)
  • Hilarious are SR:
    1. Basically, with T&T, you can save roll and possibly be successful 95% of the time. Example would be Addy's character Addeh. With Addeh she has LOW CHR of 1, which is Level 1 (of course). So she'd need a level 1 SR of 20 and the highest she can get is 12 from 2D6, which would be enough. Even with her Talent (Social Skills; which adds an extra d6 roll to her current roll totals) her SR would fail. But, no worries! She could easily make a Level 2 SR of 25 on LK of 23. She'd easy pass! :D
  • My current campaign (that I could easily turn from solo into group when I get members): Scarr just completed his rite of passage into Barbarian-hood and as man-troll-creature. He is now journeying to Kaiser City to see if he can find a Raptor mount. While trying to find said mount, he'll come across Addeh, the Demon-Bunny (I combined the Demon base and Ratling base and divided the end scores by 2). At this current point in time, anyone can join up. Feel free to! [yoshi]
    2. SR can be made on any stat (of course), but if you're not sure what stat, just SR for LK. :)

“Please feel free....to modify and improve these basic rules as your imagination dictates to be right for you."
- Ken St.Andre, T&T 1E, 1976.

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