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ProJekt 3...2...1
« on: June 05, 2011, 10:44:12 PM »
In a world where little makes sense and the laws of nature are non-existent. Where People can do things that would end our reality as we know it. A place where death doesn't mean what we think it does. What is this place? It is the city of Metro-Polis. A city that is built on a mountain of sorts, spanning all 360 degrees around it. With four equal sectors making up the city, with the exception of the top. That is a place none have been to save for the ones living there. Sector 5 as some call it. Around this city is a vast forest, stretching more as far as the eyes can see, and beyond. But for all it's perfection, no one wonders anything. No one cares why they cant leave Metro-Polis. Why they cant go to the top. And a bigger issue? The world is destroyed every so often and all the people that live in it get brought back in to new lives. All except the ones in Sector 5, they always remain there. They stay in charge no mater what. Unless the "Controllers" stop them.

There are some however, that are not the same as the normal residents. They are called "Controllers" and they each have a unique ability that no one else does. But these are not the first of their kind. Each time the world is destroyed it starts over anew. And these people with powers return in separate lives. But the abilities never change. Each time the world renews, the powers are as follows: The "Re-Writer" With the ability to re-write matter in to another form. Like concrete to water etc... Next is the "Transporter" Who can teleport a piece of matter from one place to another, so long as he can see where it is going. The "Reviver" Whom can stop death if he touches the dying person in time. The "Door Master" This person has a key for each sector of the city, save for sector 5. He can use these keys and make a door go where ever he wishes in the same sector. However there are two more, much more powerful beings.

The Metro-Polis Government has a force designed to kill these "Controllers" And in charge of them is the one called The "Reality" the most powerful of the abilities. They can change anything they wish. However they can only change or control one thing at a time. Or, they can control a section of space, ie; a 15 metre radius. The only thing they cannot change is another person.

The other, and second if not most, powerful ability. Is The "maker" who can create anything he/she wishes. While "reality" can change he cannot create what is not there. While the "maker cannot change, he can create what is not there. He/she is limited though. massive objects cannot be created, like cars, planes etc...

Now how can you tell the difference between these people and the norms? All of the "Controllers" Have outlandish hair colours. From neon green to flashy red. But no one seems to notice these things, not even the other "Controllers" What happens when someone dies? They reset so to speak. They wake up in their beds thinking everything that happened before they died was a dream. When someone dies, they forget everything. So if the Government succeeds in killing the "Controllers" Then Metro-Polis dies as well. If they can get in to Sector 5 which can only be accessed by the "Door Master" then they can stop this cycle and end it for good.

Ok so, Each Controller has info I have not posted in here. Why? Cause I only want the user of that character to know the info. Once someone wants a position I shall PM them details. So what will you do? Will you sit by and watch as the world starts over? or will you find the others and stop it? the choice is yours.

Without a little bit of envy nothing can be accomplished.

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